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DBABee small company specializing in providing services in various information technologies.
The Company provides quality solutions and professional technical advice, projects, and infrastructure.
DBABee specialized in diverse areas such as Oracle databases, project management and consulting.

As part of our, brings DBABee the added benefit of providing rapid response for the fixed and variable, high professional level, ensuring the quality of its products and services, fairness and reliability and constantly striving for excellence.
All while managing customer activity personally assure customers genealogies professional, quality service experience brings a unique and amazing
  • Thanks to the people: experienced technology experts and quality required for each project and task.
  • Thanks to knowledge and experience: the company knowledge and experience and unique areas of activity that have been stored for multiple tasks and projects consulting, development, maintenance and training in a variety of technology environments and a wide range of companies and organizations.
  • Our accumulated knowledge and experience are available to customers for advice.
  • The right solutions: company offers a wide range of solutions in a wide variety of technology areas and attachment features. The company has the knowledge, experience and ability to provide Complete Solution - full solutions portfolio combines feasibility study, through the stages of selecting the technology, products, architecture, consulting, development to support, maintenance and training. All depending on customer needs and stages of the project.